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3M is a leader in the protective film / glass protection film industry, and savvy building owners know they can count on the company’s commercial window film products to reduce heat inside and protect furniture and carpet from fading under the harsh glare of the sun.  Window tinting commercial buildings gives you a much better total cost of ownership.
You’ll also have the benefit of giving employees and customers more privacy by blocking people from seeing inside. Moreover, as a crime deterrent, 3M safety films strengthen windows, making it harder for burglars to smash and grab valuables.

Our success is the result of our commitment to customer satisfaction and our emphasis on quality installation. In fact, over 70 percent of our business is generated by referrals from satisfied customers.

Experts Agree: 3M Films Are Ideal for Protecting Windows
All the time, effort, money and other resources that you put into your organization’s building deserve a measure of protection. In the world of protective window film treatments, the scientists at 3M have come up with the best products available on the market today.
There are a number of reasons to go with Alan and Associates for all your 3M film needs, including:

• The preferred 3M Dealer in Chicago
• Window film installation - Commercial and Residential
• Window film protects both you and interior items from the damaging effects of the sun
• Help combat the problems of fading, glare, and high energy costs
• 3M window films provide various end-users with multiple benefits
• 3M security window film and decorative window films enhance any building
• Provide a beautiful view without having to close out the natural sunlight with a shade or blind
• The right solution for enhancing window performance

3M offers commercial window tint film, decorative window film, residential window film as well as anti-graffiti film for glass.

Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to answer any questions you might have about installing 3M films to protect the windows at your establishment. We take pride in going the extra mile for each customer, which is one reason why we get so much repeat business and referrals. For more information on different 3M window films and help making your selection, please contact us today.

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Why Alan & Associates

Alan and Associates is the preferred 3M dealer in the Chicagoland area. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to helping customers in a wide range of industries to protect their buildings and homes with the right type of 3M film.

We will recommend the best window film protection for your needs. Whether you are looking for ultraviolet protect or fade, glare and heat reduction, decorative film for windows, commercial window tinting, home security window film or office window tinting, Alan and Associates can recommend and install the right 3M film for you.

Our success is the result of our commitment to customer satisfaction and our emphasis on quality installation.  In fact, over 70 percent of our business is generated by referrals from satisfied customers.


Product Specifications

3M invented window film in 1966. Over the last five decades we have continually improved the technology and effectiveness of our films. Alan and Associates provides a complete line of 3M products from 3M security film to window decorative film.

In response to terrorist threats and hurricane winds, 3M developed Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Films. These safety film for windows are constructed of patented micro-layered cross-woven polyester fibers that invisibly provide tear-resistance. This rip-stop feature dramatically improves personal safety from flying glass and adds a layer of security film for windows by applying the 3M window security film.

3M continued its industry leadership by developing 3M sun control window film and UV-protecting films. In 2002, we introduced an industry-unique film known as Night Vision (NV). NV has revolutionized the industry by providing superior window film sun control and comfort without the interior or exterior reflectivity commonly associated with window film.