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has been in business for 43 years, which is why we are the preferred 3M Window Film dealer in the Chicago-land area. We take pride in the work we do for our city, and the communities surrounding it, because their success is also our success. As a result of our commitment to customer satisfaction and emphasis on quality installation, we continue to thrive to supply our customers with 3M Window films.

Don't know where to start? That's okay! We are here to provide you with the guidance you need. For a wide range of industries, our team of dedicated professionals are happy to help you. With our experience, we can recommend the best window film for your personal needs.

  • Anti Graffiti Films to protect original surfaces integrity
  • Decorative Films that can improve office evironment and wayfinding.
  • Sun Control Films to protect from fading, glare and high electic bills.
  • Security Films to protect employees and belongings.

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Commercial Films

The quickest way to grow any business is to get exposure in your specific market. With our help we can enhance any storefront, vehicle, or space to help get your business name out there, be allowing it to be noticed or more well-known as an established business.

Though you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, many people still do, especially for business's. The look you display can ultimately effect ones opinion, thats why window film is a perfect way to display the best your company has to offer.


Decorative Films

It's evident, a comfortable work space helps boost morale and leads to more focused employees. Decorative films are a quick an inexpensive fix to enhance any office, store, or work space. Whether you need more privacy or just something to bring your office environment united.

With the many 3M decorative films we have in stock, along with the access to our printer and plotter, we are able to print and cut any pattern, logo, wording or idea. Working together, we can help make your visions a reality.


Security Films

3M security films are vital to use as a preventative measure against natural disasters, accidents, vandals and any other outside force. Homeowners and property managers take extra precautions to protect their facilities, employees, property and personal belongings.

3M security films are a great way to safeguard the premises. Once installed, enjoy the relief of being at less of a risk to unexpected danger. This is an investment that shouldn't wait till something bad happens!




Why Alan & Associates?



Why Alan & Associates?

Alan and Associates is the preferred 3M Window Film dealer in the Chicago-land area. Our team is knowledgeable about the the many kinds of window films in stock and how they can be utilized.

So when it comes to determining just what type of 3M film is best for your business needs, our team can help recommend a film that could work. Through out analyzing the logistics of projects, we maintain our communication, scheduling it for a date that can work for both parties. After, our trained and certified crews of installers make sure the job gets completed. They have worked with a wide variety of industries and have a close attention to detail, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Alan & Associates is proud to continue its many strong relationships built through doing business in glass industry. In fact, over 70% of our business is generated by referrals from satisfied customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and emphasis on a quality installation, help us thrive as a small business.

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Product Specifics

3M invented window film in 1966. Over the last five decades we have continually improved the technology and effectiveness of our films. Alan and Associates provides a complete line of 3M products from 3M security film to window decorative film.

In response to terrorist threats and hurricane winds, 3M developed Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Films. These safety film for windows are constructed of patented micro-layered cross-woven polyester fibers that invisibly provide tear-resistance. This rip-stop feature dramatically improves personal safety from flying glass and adds a layer of security film for windows by applying the 3M window security film.

3M continued its industry leadership by developing 3M sun control window film and UV-protecting films. In 2002, we introduced an industry-unique film known as Night Vision (NV). NV has revolutionized the industry by providing superior window film sun control and comfort without the interior or exterior reflectivity commonly associated with window film.


The Link between Energy Management and Window Film

September 15, 2019

Many clients look at window film as a way to improve safety, reduce sun glare, or simply improve a building’s décor. It’s very easy to miss the financial savings from most types of window film, particularly the sun control film, which can result in reduced damage to office furniture and carpet, reduced energy usage and […]

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Skylight Film for Your Office

August 15, 2019

Most people don’t realize that there is window film specifically for skylights. It’s easy to forget the skylight’s existence until that summer day when it’s exceedingly hot, and the light from the skylight becomes painfully bright and hot, disrupting your day and workflow. Heating up office space increases your need for air conditioning, driving up […]

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Anti Graffiti Film for Schools

July 15, 2019

As we look forward to the beginning of the school year, we face the normal pranks that kids play on each other, as well as the more serious issues of gang graffiti and territory marking. As a school, it’s important to remain a neutral, welcoming place for all who enter, and to offer a haven […]

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How Sun Control Film Creates a Better Work Environment

June 15, 2019

The last thing most businesses think about is the amount of heat or light coming in through their windows into the office environment. Many companies simply look at the aesthetic view of windows and glass ceilings without considering the true effect the sunlight has on the work environment. Glass windows, ceilings and skylights offer a […]

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Why your Home Needs Security Window Film

May 15, 2019

Approximately every eighteen seconds, there’s a home burglary in the United States. That adds up to nearly 4,800 per day! Like most homes and businesses, you probably take the necessary precautions to avoid your location becoming a burglary statistic. You’ve installed a security system, put up motion lights, and added cameras. But is that enough? […]

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Here are Different Ideas of What to do with Your Office with Window Film

April 12, 2019

If you’re debating about installing custom window film in your office, look no further. We have a wide variety of options available, and can customize the pictures and sizes to fit your office. Decorative Design: Your first option is a simple yet professional design for either exterior or interior office doors or windows. Other areas […]

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Is Window Film Beneficial for Your Business?

March 13, 2019

Many businesses look at window film as a nicety. Something that makes your windows look nice but really lacks any value to your company. Here are several tips on how your company can benefit from installing window film at your company: Cut Glare Window film can actually reduce the glare and improve the view from […]

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The Advantages of Anti-Graffiti Film on Your Business Building

January 12, 2019

With the holidays finished and the winter blahs of January, many vagrants who spread graffiti around your neighborhood may be tempted to “decorate” your building as well. An easy solution to this problem is 3M’s Anti-Graffiti film. Anti-Graffiti film is often overlooked as a solution to buildings that are often spray painted with graffiti or […]

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Security Window Film: Great Added Security Around the Holidays

December 7, 2018

With us right smack in the middle of the holiday season, from here on out we will see more presents, more glitz, and more temptation for thieves around the holidays. It’s not enough that the usual temptations of jewelry and electronics exist. We have the additional temptations of arriving packages, presents under the tree, and […]

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Sun Control Film- Is it Worth the Investment?

November 12, 2018

Many businesses may initially consider Sun Control Window Film, but wonder whether purchasing and installing sun control film really helps their business, saves them money or protects their investments. Conserve energy and energy costs Sun control film lives up to its name and controls the amount of sunlight that comes through the windows and into […]

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Team Alan & Associates


Alan R. Hardt 

3M Authorized Dealer

Al is the big man in charge here at the office. From looking at plans and writing estimates, to going out to the field and meetings. Al is always staying busy. If there's anyone who knows the most about 3M window films, he's your guy. When Al's not at work he enjoys a cold Miller Lite by the pool.


Monica Hardt

Office Manager

Monica's usually following up on finished projects whilst making sure things are accounted for. More importantly she manages the office and its accounts.  When she's not at work she enjoys traveling, or going to Florida to spend time at the beach.


Tony Urick


Tony has been the glass industry for several years now and has gathered plenty of information to make him one of our most knowledgeable employees. Any big project is a walk in the park for him, not to mention his hard work and grit. When Tony's not at work, he enjoys being outside, fishing, and supporting his granddaughter at her volleyball games. 


Alex Blackmon

Project Manager

Alex has been with the company for handful of years now. He leads the scheduling of our installers and projects, making sure they show up where they need to be, with the projects plans and details. When he's not at work he enjoys being outdoors, camping, hiking, running, and going to concerts.


Brennan Duffy

Graphic Designer

Brennan is charge of the printing and cutting of any custom project. He's able to make, altar, and assist with design decisions that fit the customers outlines. When Brennan's not at work he enjoys drawing, watching sports, playing golf, being outdoors, and trying new things.



Attitude Adjuster

Toby is a supportive and kind dog that is a part time worker. When he is not pleased, one bark is all he needs to get our attention. When Toby's not at work he enjoys sleeping, barking and eating all the treats he can get his paws on.


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