Why we are your best choice for Window Film Installation? You’ll Get the Best Return on Your Investment in 3M Window Film

Does your organization need to protect valuable merchandise from the harmful rays of the sun? Is your lobby plagued with faded sections of carpet? Are temperatures so high in your area that you are in desperate need of a solution to keep the building cooler without driving up utility bills? These are some of the reasons why a company would want to install protective 3M film.

One problem that many facilities managers and building owners run into is determining just what type of 3M film would be the best for their business. This is why you want to go with a company like ours, where each member of the team is knowledgeable about the characteristics of each kind of window film.

We carry security film that helps protect windows against cracking and breaking, which is particularly useful when your organization is in an area with any level of vandalism and crime.  There are decorative window films that are designed to help improve the look of a business and give your establishment a lavish and peaceful feel.  Other 3M films are tinted to give you more privacy, while others are designed to admit light but repel heat. Whatever type of film you require, our experts are standing by to help you make a selection.

Benefits of Working with Alan and Associates

  • Preferred 3M Dealer in Chicago
  • Highly trained and certified crews
  • Can recommend and install the right 3M film for you
  • Our success is the result of our commitment to customer satisfaction and our emphasis on quality installation
  • 70 percent of our business is generated by referrals from satisfied customers
  • Pay attention to every detail
  • Experienced staff that has worked with a wide variety of industries
  • Delivers projects on time
  • Consistent communication with client
  • Build strong relationships and maintain them
  • Provide the highest quality service, products and installation