Use Anti Graffiti Window Film to Keep your Building Appearance Pristine

In this day and age, no property owner should need to worry about becoming a victim of graffiti vandalism, no matter what the level of crime is in the local area.

But since graffiti is a problem that society has not been able to eliminate, it’s the responsibility of building owners and managers to take steps to deter this destructive crime.

You should still maintain a force of security guards to protect the building, of course, but adding security and safety films can make a real difference in cutting down on graffiti.

Remember: Customers would rather patronize an establishment that is pristine than one that has windows covered in spray-painted gang slogans.

The Importance of Keeping up Appearances

Studies show that when property owners fail to clean up graffiti in a timely manner, it encourages more criminal elements to invade the area.

Trash on the sidewalk and vandalized windows are signs to the gangs and other criminals that law enforcement and security guards are in short supply. The area could seem ripe for the pickings.

This is why so many savvy property owners shore up their investment by installing security film on the windows.

Benefits of Using Safety Film to Protect Against Graffiti

Graffiti abatement can put a major hit on your company’s bottom line. Money you earmarked for product development or other improvements must now go toward removing the crude drawings and writing on your building’s glass.

Read on for the main benefits of using safety films:

  • Etching, scratching, painting, and marking of glass is an expensive and growing problem
  • Films offer building owners and managers the opportunity to minimize the $12 billion annual cost associated with graffiti abatement in the United States
  • The film provides protection by taking the brunt of graffiti damage
  • Paints, permanent markings, and other stains can be easily removed from the protective surface without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Film damaged by etching or scratching can be easily removed and replaced with new film
  • Using the protective film also eliminates the expense of conventional graffiti cleanup or even total replacement
  • Clear, distortion-free film
  • Can be applied to windows, mirrors and other surfaces
  • Also provides a protective barrier in elevators and escalators
  • These films offer other benefits by blocking heat, glare and 99% of damaging UV rays

Contact us today for more details about the important role safety film can play in safeguarding your property against graffiti crime