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Residential Films

Protect your family and home!

If you are in need of film tinting services for your home, you’ve come to the right place. We carry a wide range of 3M products to fit every window film need.

Window films have a benefit of blocking harmful light from the sun, which can cause carpets, drapes and furnishings to fade.  They also provide extra privacy to your home.

Film tinting provides an added measure of safety and prevents injuries from flying shards of glass. It also is excellent for protecting windows against graffiti vandals, criminals armed with bricks and against the natural elements.

Common Window Film sold for Residential needs!

Quick Benefits!

  • Gleaming glass windows are pleasing to the eye. However, they are inefficient at keeping out the cold during the winter and they admit a great deal of heat into your home during the summer. When you work with us, we will help you select your film in terms of color and reflectivity until you get the perfect combination for your home.
  • Reduce heating and air conditioning expenses
  • Increase resident comfort
  • Reduce fabric and furniture fade
  • Reduce glare
  • Increase personal safety from flying glass shards
  • Deter smash-and- grab crime
  • 3M window films are maintenance-free
  • Vary in reflectivity
  • 3M offers window films to suit your various needs
  • For more information about film tinting for your home and how it can help lower your utility bills, improve your safety, and reduce fabric and furniture fade, please contact us today.

"Solar films have saved my living room from fading" 

- Amy D.

"Having 3M Safety & Security film on my business allows me to sleep easier at night."

- Brendan P.

"You can't stop the unsuspected criminal, you can only deter their crime!" - Anonymous