Use Sun Control Window Film to Provide a Comfortable Work Environment

Let’s face it: The sun is life-giving and beautiful, but if you stare at it you can go blind, and lingering under UV rays for too long without protection can wind up giving you a nasty sunburn. Less dramatically, unwanted exposure to sunlight means you will be bothered by a glare in your eyes that can give you a headache and cause worker productivity to drop.

What this means to you as a facilities operator is that you need to control how much sun is getting into your property to protect people and property from dangerous UV rays.

The easiest and most cost-effective method is to have professionals come to your facility and apply commercial window film to the building.

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Now is the Time for You to Install Commercial Window Films

Are people complaining because their furniture and carpeting is starting to fade prematurely? Do you find that tenants are setting the thermostat lower, simply because too much heat is getting into the building through untreated windows?

The answer to such problems is to get 3M sun control window film for your windows. You can still enjoy the benefits of natural light in your building, but it will be controlled to keep everyone comfortable.

  • Offer a range of commercial window film
  • Letting natural light in your building is a great way to conserve energy
  • Sunlight contains harmful UV rays
  • Help control energy costs
  • Provide tenants with a comfortable environment
  • Designed not to change the appearance of your building
  • Reduce heat gain by as much as 78% and get rid of hot spots
  • Help reduce fades in furniture and other materials
  • Glare reduction
  • Excellent value
  • 3M films will also reduce heat loss through windows in winter to provide year-round energy savings benefits

Your immediate goal may be to reduce utility costs. Or, you have a mandate to make your building more comfortable for workers and visitors. In some cases, the motivation is that you simply need to keep the drapes and carpets from fading prematurely under the sun. You can rest assured that our experts will help you make the best selection of sun control window film for your building, giving you the most protection for the money.