Enjoy the enhanced privacy and aesthetics with innovative design solutions

3M Fasara interior design films combine Far eastern design traditions with 21st century technology to offer innovative new ways to manage space. When applied to glass, fasara films create a serene, etched-glass appearance, reminiscent of the rice paper partitions used in Japanese culture for centuries to divide interior spaces.

At a fraction of the cost of etched-glass, fasara films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions for the inside surface of windows. Available in several textures which can be die-cut for highly customizable designs, Fasara films can be used to create a more private atmosphere or a more dynamic aesthetic.

Versatile solutions

Fasara films, made of thin, durable polyester with a decorative matte surface, are perfect for privacy, decorative and architectural applications. Intended for use on interior glass and the inside surface of exterior windows, Fasara films can easily be used to create a custom solution for any corporate, retail or residential environment.

Convienient application and care

Fasara Interior Design Films are installed by trained 3M professionals. Once applied the films function as permanent solutions, but can easily be removed or repositioned as needs or style change.

3M Fasara Films

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