Alan & Associates takes pride in the work we do for Chicago and its surrounding communities. With our years of service in the film industry, we have the knowledge to assist you with the best solution for your project's needs. Our commitment to customer service and quality installations keep our clients satisfied and returning for more work. Now, what type of film are you looking for?

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Commercial Films

The quickest way to grow your business is to get exposure in your specific market. The commercial window films we offer can enhance any storefront, office space, and professional aesthetic. A comfortable and more professional work environment can help improve focus and a create strong brand identity.

  • Creates Strong Brand Identity
  • Elegant Privacy
  • Better Focus
  • Enhances Atmosphere
  • Custom Cut & Print Designs

Decorative Films

It's true, a comfortable work space helps boost morale and leads to more focused employees. Decorative films are a quick and inexpensive fix to enhance any office space, storefront, or work environment. Whether you need more privacy or just something to bring your office environment together. We have a unlimited solutions and can work to make your visions a reality.

  • Custom Cut & Print
  • Custom Designs
  • Enhances Atmosphere
  • Improves Employee's Moral

Security Films

3M security films are vital to use as a preventative measure against any outside force. Its the responsibility of homeowners and property managers take extra precautions to protect their facilities, employees, property and personal belongings. 3M security films are a great way to safeguard the premises. This is an investment that shouldn't wait till something bad happens!

  • Protects and Prevents Outside Threats
  • Quick Solution for Vandalism
  • Cost-effective

A Quick & Inexpensive Solution

There are several ways to enhance the glass or walls inside your building, though, many are not as quick and inexpensive as window film. Some may spend several hundred dollars on getting glass etched, not realizing the possibility of any unforeseeable change. Smart and successful companies always welcome change and invest their money in the right places. Here at Alan & Associates we can make that happen.

We know what window film will meet your needs and help save on your expenses in the process. With the help of window film we can cut, print, and install any custom pattern or design. Need to spruce the place up? Need to create more privacy? Give us a call and see how you can find out.

Alan & Associates was established as a company in 1975. Al worked out of his van, running the business by himself. He mainly installed solar window films for residential and commercial applications.

Years went on, the market grew, and so did Alan & Associates.

In 2002, there was a variety of applications that Alan & Associates could supply and install. The added growth of the film industry helped, but it was important for Al to stay ahead of the curve. The ability to produce custom films was important, and that's why Al invested in himself.

Today, Alan & Associates can produce custom cut or printed films, which allows for unlimited possibilities. Along with the help and knowledge of his workforce, Alan & Associates can accomplish any project!

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Here are some common questions we get from our customers.

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