Skylight Film for Your Office

Most people don’t realize that there is window film specifically for skylights. It’s easy to forget the skylight’s existence until that summer day when it’s exceedingly hot, and the light from the skylight becomes painfully bright and hot, disrupting your day and workflow. Heating up office space increases your need for air conditioning, driving up your utility bills, and can also cause discomfort for your employees.

We Treat Commercial Skylights Big and Small
Fortunately, you can take advantage of modern window film and have us apply it to your company’s skylight. Doing so will cut down on the heat to your specifications (within a range of about 50% to 80% reduction).

Whether you have a skylight or extensive glass commercial glass ceilings, it’s important to gain control over how much heat and light are let through the skylight. It helps you control both the environment and your utility bills.

Skylight window films will also reduce the fading of items beneath the skylight, such as carpeting or furniture. You can create the desired amount of light and temperature by applying additional film to the skylights.

How Skylights and Glass Ceilings Affect Your Office Space
In the day and age of modern lighting, the effect of natural light can easily be forgotten. However, natural light brings the outside indoors even during our workday, whether through a skylight, glass ceiling, glass walls or windows. Natural light lends a sense of elegance and sophistication to the workspace, provides valuable light to your employees, and cuts down on your utility bill.

Utilizing skylight or window film helps protect your carpeting and office furniture, at a fraction of the cost of replacing these items. When looking at office space, offices with natural light via skylight, glass ceiling or large windows can help improve employee morale as well as improve your office décor.

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