How Sun Control Film Creates a Better Work Environment

The last thing most businesses think about is the amount of heat or light coming in through their windows into the office environment. Many companies simply look at the aesthetic view of windows and glass ceilings without considering the true effect the sunlight has on the work environment.

Glass windows, ceilings and skylights offer a unique opportunity to upgrade the office environment, lend elegance and sophistication to your office décor, and purvey the image of an established, thriving business who cares about their clients and employees.

What to Consider with Skylights, Windows, Glass Ceilings or Walls in the Workplace
There are a couple issues to consider when having a lot of natural light through skylights, numerous windows, glass walls or glass ceilings. One is the overall interior temperature and how it’s affected by the amount of natural sunlight and heat coming through the windows or skylights. The interior temperature can affect the alertness factor of your employees and clients, simply because having a constant stream of excessively hot sunlight can make the office temperature really warm, making people feel sluggish. This affects workplace productivity and overall morale.

The solution for most temperature issues is of course more heat or air conditioning in the office to the keep the temperature ideal for the workplace. This can drive up the cost of your utility bills, creating additional costs to manage for your office.

The other major issue to consider is the effect of light on your office décor. Most people do not consider the ongoing effect of constant sunlight on carpeting, furniture, wall hangings or artwork. Over time, constant sunlight can prematurely fade these pieces overall or in certain spots, making them appear fractured or outdated.

How Sun Control Film Improves Your Office Space
Sun Control film can reject up to 71% of the sun’s heat to reduce glare and eye discomfort. Reduction in heat significantly helps monitor air conditioning and heat usage, making your utility bills much more affordable. Sun control film also blocks a considerable amount of harmful UV rays that cause fading, which help extend the life of your office furnishings and carpet, as well as wall hangings or artwork.

Sun control film provides a clear view outside, and high levels of light transmission to improve your aesthetic environment without the constant heat or glare.

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