Anti Graffiti Film for Schools

As we look forward to the beginning of the school year, we face the normal pranks that kids play on each other, as well as the more serious issues of gang graffiti and territory marking. As a school, it’s important to remain a neutral, welcoming place for all who enter, and to offer a haven for those who may not have a lot of safety in their lives otherwise.

Graffiti is a more serious problem than many schools recognize. The graffiti of kids looking to pull pranks defaces the building, and especially on brick or similar surfaces, is extremely difficult to clean and expensive to replace. If graffiti is left on the building or windows, it can easily look less safe, more prone to being vandalized, and marked as gang territory if left on the building, which can create danger for other students.

Anti Graffiti Film
Anti-graffiti window film is one of the best proven and most cost effective ways to avoid permanent graffiti damage. It discourages vandals and aids in clean-up for windows and other surfaces.
Anti-graffiti window film is nearly invisible after installed, and is an effective deterrent against vandalism. It reduces and nearly eliminates the need for expensive glass replacement. A single window replacement could easily be 10 time more expensive than the cost of installing anti-graffiti window film.

Anti-Graffiti Film Costs a Fraction of Costly Glass Replacement
Once anti-graffiti film is installed, the expense of replacing glass, repairing gouges or scratching can be considerably reduced. Anti-graffiti film takes the brunt of both the graffiti damage and the clean up required to return the damaged surface to normal. Paint, markings and other stains can easily be removed from the protective surface without using any harsh chemicals.

The film is clear and distortion free, it can be applied to windows, mirrors and other surfaces. Any film that is damaged by scratching or etching can easily be replaced by new film, at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.

Anti-graffiti film also offers other benefits by blocking heat, blocking glare and 99% of damaging UV rays. For more information or to get a quote, contact Alan and Associates at 708-535-3482.