The Link between Energy Management and Window Film

Many clients look at window film as a way to improve safety, reduce sun glare, or simply improve a building’s décor. It’s very easy to miss the financial savings from most types of window film, particularly the sun control film, which can result in reduced damage to office furniture and carpet, reduced energy usage and lower utility bills.
However, these benefits are just an initial look at the effects of window film. Energy management includes all aspects of energy usage, financials related to energy usage or savings, and the concrete and less tangible benefits that result from both attention to and savings from energy usage.

Reduced Maintenance and Operations Costs
This benefit is pretty well-known but still important. A recent study performed by U.S. General Services Administration determined that operating a green building created almost 20% savings in operating costs than a non-green building. Window film can help you save on your operating costs through reduction in utility bills, reduced energy usage and reducing investment in building furniture, etc. A major way to save operating costs is by investing in energy efficient projects to help decrease maintenance time, which creates a savings in labor costs.

Improved Employee Retention Rates
A benefit that is less visible initially but still high impact is how employee retention rates are affected by energy management. A 2012 study conducted by University of Notre Dame professors found that employees working in green buildings were more productive and more engaged in their work than employees working in non-green buildings.
The differences that created more engagement were things such as giving employees access to individual ventilation controls and natural lighting. These things may seem small, but they save energy and also improve employee satisfaction levels. The higher employee engagement, the more likely they will stay with the company, and lower turnover for the business.

Reduced Risk
Since energy is a commodity, prices and availability can vary due to supply and demand. The more energy efficient practices (such as window film installation) that are put in place at your business, the lower your overall energy usage, and your energy bill becomes a smaller part of your operating budget. This creates less risk exposure when energy prices spike. The less energy your company uses, the more protected you will be from energy cost fluctuations.

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