Security Window Film: Great Added Security Around the Holidays

With us right smack in the middle of the holiday season, from here on out we will see more presents, more glitz, and more temptation for thieves around the holidays.
It’s not enough that the usual temptations of jewelry and electronics exist. We have the additional temptations of arriving packages, presents under the tree, and new electronics, computers and tablets galore. A treasure trove of delights for any thief!

In case you’re not familiar with window security film, it’s a window film that substantially increases the time it takes for a burglar to break and enter through a window. In some instances, it’s taken up to 2 minutes for a thief to break through the glass, by which time the alarm has probably been triggered.

If you haven’t seen the video that shows the comparison of a window with security film to a bare window, click here:
These security films are unmatched in the industry for strength, durability and effectiveness. They are also great protection against extreme weather, and protect household items from fading due to sun damage.

Here are some of the other benefits of window security film throughout the year:

• 3M safety and security films and the attachment systems were designed to maintain the integrity of the building
• Help hold shattered glass together during severe weather, accidental impact or vandalism
• Designed to not change the appearance of the windows
• Allow up to 70% of the light in through the windows
• Help reduce fading and protect your furnishings
• These films are strong
• Tear resistant
• Ability to block out the heat
• Help deter smash and grab crimes
• Help slow down forced entry

Whether you’re looking for additional security around the holidays, or a better way to protect your home throughout the year, contact Alan and Associates for more information at 708-535-3482.