The Advantages of Anti-Graffiti Film on Your Business Building

With the holidays finished and the winter blahs of January, many vagrants who spread graffiti around your neighborhood may be tempted to “decorate” your building as well.
An easy solution to this problem is 3M’s Anti-Graffiti film.

Anti-Graffiti film is often overlooked as a solution to buildings that are often spray painted with graffiti or images. However, it’s an incredible cost-saver when it comes to reducing time, energy, and money spent getting rid of graffiti once it’s been sprayed on your building.
A mistake that most business owners make is that they decide to wait and deal with the problem after it’s happened. Waiting to react to a specific problem can skyrocket the costs of removing graffiti, since removing paint from brick or glass can be incredibly difficult, and installing cameras to catch the criminals rarely detracts them from their activities.

Advantages of Having Anti-Graffiti Film on Your Business Building

Studies have shown that when property owners fail to clean graffiti off their buildings in a timely manner, it encourages more graffiti and crime in the area. When criminals see graffiti, it’s a sign that security measures and staff are in short supply.

Anti-graffiti film takes the brunt of the damage, and can easily be cleaned up without harsh solvents or chemicals.

Here are some other benefits of anti-graffiti film:

  • Film damaged by etching or scratching can be easily removed and replaced with new film
  • Using the protective film also eliminates the expense of conventional graffiti cleanup or even total replacement
  • Clear, distortion-free film
  • Can be applied to windows, mirrors and other surfaces
  • Also provides a protective barrier in elevators and escalators
  • These films offer other benefits by blocking heat, glare and 99% of damaging UV rays

For more details on customizing or installing anti-graffiti film for your property, please contact Alan and Associates at 708-535-3482.