Is Window Film Beneficial for Your Business?

Many businesses look at window film as a nicety. Something that makes your windows look nice but really lacks any value to your company.

Here are several tips on how your company can benefit from installing window film at your company:

Cut Glare
Window film can actually reduce the glare and improve the view from your windows. Window film has a filter that targets spectrally select rays from the sun and deflects their full power from coming through the window.

Decrease Heat
Window films are incredibly efficient at controlling the amount of heat coming through a window. Good quality window films have shown as much as 85% heat reduction as opposed to an untreated window.

Reduce Fading
Want your office décor to last longer? Top quality window films can reduce up to 99% of UV rays, which dramatically reduces the fading on carpet and furniture in your office.

Increased Safety
Security Window Films can help strengthen the integrity of glass. It can significantly slow down an intruder, and prevents glass from shattering on impact. 3M security glass has been shown to slow down an intruder’s entrance by as much as 2 minutes.

Energy Savings and Improved Comfort
Window film that controls the amount of glare, light and heat entering your office improves the comfort of your employees and can help reduce your energy bill.

Enhanced Internal Office Appearance
Decorative Window Films are a budget friendly way to improve and sustain the décor in your office.

Improve Exterior Appearance
Anti-Graffiti films make it easy to remove any type of graffiti without harsh solvents, making it easy to maintain the professional exterior of your building.

No Additional Maintenance
Once applied to the glass and fully cured, windows that have window film can be cleaned and maintained as they were before, with just a few minor adjustments.

To get the most out of window films for your business, contact a licensed professional installer. We can help you choose a film that works best for you, and install it so it’s easy and convenient for you.