Help Regulate Heat and Light Exposure with Skylight Film

The beautiful skylight that attracted you to the building you run your business from is now becoming a bit of a nuisance. After sitting and working below the skylight for some time, you realize that it is allowing too much light into the room. It’s not just people who suffer from too much sunlight pouring through the skylight. Furniture and carpets fade faster, lowering your ROI on furnishings.

During the height of summer, the room becomes uncomfortably warm because of excessive sunshine. What’s worse, you are wasting money because you have to run the air conditioning more often to counter the heat buildup.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of modern window film and have us apply it to your company’s skylight. Doing so will cut down on the heat to your exact specifications (within a range of about 50% to 80% reduction).

We Treat Commercial Skylights Both Big and Small

Our team of well-qualified and knowledgeable technicians has years of experience assisting commercial building owners and managers with skylight window tinting.

Adding tint to your skylight provides a range of benefits. You’ll gain better control over how much heat and light get through the skylight, and you can even change the color.

Consult with our team to see how you can improve both the look and feel of your premises with state-of-the-art skylight tinting.

  • Can install window tint on small skylights as well as extensive commercial glass ceilings
  • Skylights are designed to let in natural light and give an open feel, but too much light can make any space uncomfortably
  • Many skylights have slightly tinted glass but generally they are not sufficient to effectively control heat and glare
  • Window films will reduce the fading of items below the skylights
  • Reduce the heat coming in through skylights by 50-80%
  • Can create the exact desired amount of light and temperature by applying additional film to skylights

If you have little experience with skylight tinting, there’s no need to fret. Our professionals know all the ins and outs of installing window tint and can help you calculate which specific type of tint you’ll need to cut down on cooling costs and boost comfort.