Why your Home Needs Security Window Film

Approximately every eighteen seconds, there’s a home burglary in the United States. That adds up to nearly 4,800 per day! Like most homes and businesses, you probably take the necessary precautions to avoid your location becoming a burglary statistic. You’ve installed a security system, put up motion lights, and added cameras. But is that enough? While most burglars aren’t that sophisticated and they are looking for an easy entry and exit to the building, some are more persistent. One of the ways to deter them is through security window film.

Why Add Safety Window Film to Your Security Plan?
The majority of burglaries take under 10 minutes to complete, and the burglar is likely to be nervous or even scared. They will be caution about anything that might cause attention, or that could slow them down. Usually, a burglar will come in through a door or window that was left unlocked. Sometimes, they will break a window or a glass door, too. With security film on your windows the burglar can’t see what’s inside your home that might be worth taking. It’s also harder for the burglar to get in, and that can mean the burglar will look for a different target than your home or business.

What Does Security Window Film Offer?
When you fortify your windows with security film, you reduce the ease of access for a burglar. That’s because a high quality security film makes a significant difference in the length of time it can take to break open a window, and can take up to two minutes to get through. Most burglars won’t spend that long on it. The unwanted attention of doing this makes the film a natural deterrent to robbers. That can give you time to call the police if you’re on the premises, and could cause the burglar to simply move on to a home or business that’s an easier target, too.
Security film also helps protect your home by reducing the chances of broken glass during natural disasters and storms, and protecting your furniture, curtains, and carpet from the fading that comes with the sun’s UV rays. With a good security window film in place, you can have more peace of mind for your home or your business.