3 Ways Security Window Film Protects Your Family

If you’re like most homeowners, you enjoy looking out your windows, but don’t give much thought to what could go wrong with home windows. Under the best circumstances, a broken window leaves your home vulnerable to entry while you scramble to find emergency repair. Learn how security window film protects against three categories of threat to provide superior defense for your home.

Why Windows are Vulnerable

Even if you’ve got the latest triple-pane windows, they’re still relatively flimsy compared to your home exterior. Windows are pricey to replace and it can’t be done quickly, especially if you need to order a special size. Security film protects against purposeful intrusion, accidental intrusion, and flying debris.

Protection From Burglary and Theft

Burglars love windows, as they’re the easiest entry point into the home. Unless you have grates over your windows, then they are vulnerable to intrusion. If there’s anything valuable close to the window, a thief can smash the window, grab the loot, and be gone in seconds.

Since window film prevents a window from shattering in, instead holding the shards in place, it deters burglars. A thief hoping to get lucky will move on if they can’t access your home.

Protection From Accidental Breakage

Both children and adults can accidentally break a window, whether through play or by losing their balance close to a window. Falling through (or into) a window is a frightening experience, especially if anyone is injured and needs urgent care. Security window film is far less likely to yield to pressure than plain glass, which means a brush-up against the window can leave the window intact and reduce injuries.

Protection From Debris

When a storm creates high winds, trees can lose branches or fall. Outdoor furniture, potted plants, and other loose objected can be hurled through the air. If any of these objects hits your window at high speed, the window will shatter. If the storm brings heavy rains, as in a hurricane, you could also sustain water damage.

Strong winds, hurricanes, driving rain, and hailstorms all pose a danger to your window. When you have security film, the film holds the window in place even if the window shatters. This prevents further damage to your property.

There are many styles and shades of security window film. Shop today, so you can protect your home before anything goes wrong.