4 Things to Look For in Commercial Window Film

Not only does commercial window film change the appearance of business windows, it offers several benefits. Here are four things to look for when shopping for commercial window film.

Energy Saving Potential

Tinting windows saves energy by reducing the amount of solar heat gained through windows, which then keeps the office interior cooler. Companies save money on air conditioning and reduce wear and tear on their HVAC, when office cooling systems don’t have to work as hard. The cost savings can be substantial. Explore the energy saving potential of any film you’re considering for specifics.

UV Protection

UV rays cause furniture and floors to fade. The rays can damage merchandise and equipment over time, causing fading or premature aging where the light hits the material. Commercial window film blocks the sun’s rays, so UV rays don’t filter into your office. This protects your property and saves money.


Businesses located at street level can be visible to passerby without window film. Glare on computer screens can also be a problem. Frosted or decorative window films reduce glare and add privacy to protect your company. You can even select custom designs with your business logo or branding, increasing visibility in the community.


While you may not think of commercial window film and security, the film does protect windows. The film binds the window and prevents shards of broken glass from flying everywhere. This is beneficial in natural disasters and also makes it more difficult for thieves to smash a glass window or door and gain entry.

Commercial window film comes in an array of styles, and you can have a custom design or logo created too. Find the perfect style to match your business brand and enjoy all of these benefits.