5 Reasons Decorative Glass Film is Preferred for Privacy and Branding

Should you choose custom glass or decorative film for office windows? Film offers several key advantages over glass. Explore the top 5 reasons companies prefer decorative glass film when it comes to privacy and branding.

Retrofits to Existing Glass

Since decorative glass films are applied to your existing glass, they are retrofitable. Get the privacy and branding you need without paying to remove your existing glass and replace it with custom glass.


Decorative glass film can come in any design you want — unlike actual custom glass, which has fewer options. If you’ve got a unique vision for branding your business, glass film is the most cost-effective way to bring your vision to life.


Even if you pick a basic design, custom glass panels are expensive. Decorative films let you create a more intricate design at a fraction of the cost of paying to replace glass. You don’t have to be budget-minded to appreciate this way to save.

Easy to Clean

Two common methods of decorating glass, frosting and sand-blasting, create a rough texture that naturally attracts dust, dirt, and oils from skin. It is difficult to clean the rough texture, so your glass panels may look dirty.

In contrast, designs in decorative glass are easy to clean and look just as good one year (or even five years) later as they did when first installed.

Easy to Remove or Replace

Decorative glass films can be removed easily, one reason they are preferred in leased office spaces. Whether you want to change your logo or switch up the way an office is used, it’s easy to remove and replace glass film.

Invest in window film today to promote your message and brand your company the easy way.