How 3M Home Security Window Film Protects Your Home

Whether it’s in safeguarding your home from natural disasters or deterring criminals who would break and enter, 3M Home Security Window Film protects your home and your valuables. Learn how.

Increased Durability

Glass doors and windows make an attractive entry point for criminals who want to break and enter. It is easy to smash a glass window and enter the home. Because 3M Home Security Window Film goes over your window, it makes it more difficult to break the glass. This provides the security of time, which may help to discourage unwanted individuals from breaking into your home.

3M Home Security Window Film also protects your windows from natural disasters, whether it’s hurricanes or tornadoes. High winds from a storm can cause the glass to break. Shards of glass may pose a danger to your family and your property.

Without protective window film in place, shards of glass can go flying through the home. 3M Home Security Window Film is designed to hold shards of glass in place after breakage, much the way that a large sheet of tape would hold shards of broken glass together. This can prevent physical and property damage, while ensuring the window remains in place until it can be replaced.

Benefits of Using 3M Home Security Window Film

3M Home Security Window Film adds protection from theft, increases home security, and lessens dangers from natural disasters and human catastrophes. This window film can also be joined with Sun Control Films to reduce the home’s solar heat gain and lower electricity bills. This enhances safety and provides sun control through blocking heat and UV rays, which can cause furniture fade.

Enjoy all of these benefits by scheduling your 3M Home Security Window Film installation today.