How 3M Window Film Can Help Protect Your Building

When you lock up your building at night, do you wonder what could happen if there were a break-in? Unless you have an alarm system, there is no telling what could happen if a thief or vandal broke into your building overnight. 3M window film can make your building safety by deterring thieves.

How 3M Window Film Deters Thieves

3M Security Window Film covers over your windows, making them much harder to break. Without the window film, a thief or vandal could throw a brick through your store window or smash the window with a crowbar.

Not only would this give a thief or vandal instant access to your store, it would send glass shards flying through your place of business. This might cause additional property damage to your floor, furniture, goods, or equipment, which you’ll need to clean up before your staff can return to work. Rather than wait for something to go wrong and then navigate an insurance claim, invest in tools to protect your business from theft.

When you apply 3M Security Window Film, your windows will look the same from the outside. This maintains a welcoming appearance, unlike using bars or grates. The film protects glass in much the same way that your car’s windshield resists damage. Your windshield might chip if a rock hits it, but it will not crack. 3M Security Window Film won’t break.

The security film also reinforces your windows, so they are less vulnerable to the elements. If you have ever had window damage after a major storm, invest in window film to reduce property damage and loss caused by storm damage to your place of business.

To protect your business while maintaining its welcoming appearance, look to 3M Security Window Film.