How Window Film Works and Why You Need It

Are you thinking of window film, but wondering if it really works or what the fuss is about? Find out top reasons for choosing window film and how window film works.

Why You Need Window Film

Window film has an array of functions.

Some users love it for privacy and style, while others enjoy the security offered by the protective film.

Since the film makes windows more difficult to break, you’ll be protected from storms, thieves, and everything in between.

Window film increases energy efficiency, to both save you money and make your home interior more comfortable.

How Window Film Works

It may surprise you to learn that window film has so many potential benefits and uses.

To understand how window film works, you need to understand different types of light.

Visible light is all the light we can see. Window film may be clear to allow all visible light to pass through the window, or tinted to block some of the visible light. By choosing higher VLT (which is visible light transmission), you can see most clearly. A lower VLT reduces brightness and lowers light levels to create an ambience.

Infrared light cannot be seen by the eye; however you can feel it in the form of heat. Window film blocks infrared light, so your home does not heat up with infrared light exposure. This is how window film keeps the interior of your home or office comfortable no matter how much sun you receive.

You may be more familiar with UV light, the type of light that’s blocked by sunscreens. UV rays are harmful to your body — they cause cancer — and, in the home or office, they cause furniture to fade. If you’ve ever noticed furniture or art fading unevenly, it was due to UV rays.

Window films can block up to 99.9 percent of UV light, to prevent against furniture fade. Your window film can block UV light with no discernible change to the window’s tint.

All window film functions 24/7 once applied. Your window film can be easily removed if you want a different style or need to turn over a space move-in ready.

There are more window film products than ever, which is good news for anyone interested in adding window films for safety, security, protection, or style. Browse styles of window film today.