Sun Control Film- Is it Worth the Investment?

Many businesses may initially consider Sun Control Window Film, but wonder whether purchasing and installing sun control film really helps their business, saves them money or protects their investments.

Conserve energy and energy costs

Sun control film lives up to its name and controls the amount of sunlight that comes through the windows and into your office or building. It actually siphons out UV rays and protects people and property from these dangerous rays.

Sun control film can reduce heat gain by as much as 78%, and reduce hot spots. This means that even though the sun may be beating down on the building, the sun control film is protecting the interior of the building from the majority of the heat from the sunlight. This means that less air conditioning is needed to keep the air temperature cool and comfortable for tenants and employees. Since most people function optimally in a comfortable atmosphere, you can expect some increased productivity as well.

Letting natural sunlight in while keeping the heat out also allows for more of your building to be lit by natural light during the day. This additional light reduces the need for artificial light in many areas, which can decrease your electric bill.

Sun control films also reduce heat loss through the windows in the winter, helping to keep winter heating bills reasonable and more efficient.

Make your Furniture and Carpets Last Longer

An additional benefit to sun control film is due to the amount of sunlight allowed in through the sun control film. Since the sun control film dilutes the concentration of sunlight allowed through, it also reduces the wear and tear on carpets and furniture. So sun damage and fading due to continual exposure to sunlight is minimized, and your carpets and furniture will last longer.

An additional benefit to sun control film is that it does not alter the appearance of your building. So your business can reap these advantages from the sun control film while maintaining the original appearance of your building.

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