The 3 Best Applications for Window Films

Window films can have a variety of applications for both homes and commercial buildings. When applied expertly, quality 3M window films can benefit occupants in several ways. Below, we will go into a bit more detail about the top 3 best applications for window films.

  1. Energy Efficiency Window Film

Many homeowners and company owners want to lower their carbon footprint. Not only does making a home or office energy efficient help keep your space more comfortable, but it can also help you experience significant savings on heating and cooling costs. Energy efficient window films block 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which helps keep your space cooler while saving your interior furnishings from fading issues. In a few years, the window film pays for itself, allowing you to continue reaping the benefits and cost savings.

  1. Window Film for Security and Loss Prevention

If you want to add another layer of protection to your existing security, you can use security or loss prevention window film to strengthen your windows. By fortifying your windows with security film, you can work to prevent security challenges like “smash-and-grabs.” This type of film will keep the glass in the frame even if someone breaks the window. With more heavier grade products, you can even keep the window glass from smashing altogether.

  1. Privacy Window Film

With window films designed for privacy, homeowners and business owners can create a more private space through any window or glass surface, door, divider or wall. These films are perfect for offices that have glass dividers or walls separating occupants because they allow the individual to experience a little more privacy without completely blocking the light that comes through the glass. Privacy window film comes in a variety of styles, including decorative versions that can also add a pop of color or unique texture to the space.

Want to take advantage of the many applications that window films provide? Our team will help you select the right 3M window film for your home or business and provide expert installation so that you can be on your way to experiencing the many benefits of window films. Contact us today.