Top 4 Benefits of Security Window Film for Schools and Businesses

Public safety is key for schools and businesses alike, to protect both the people inside and the intellectual and office property. Security window film from 3M can fortify the windows in your school or office building against a number of forces. See below for the top 4 benefits of security window film for schools and businesses.

  1. Protects Against Weather

Violent storms, spurts of hail, hurricane wind and rain can all batter your building. To protect windows from shattering in a weather incident, use window film. Since the film is adhesive, it strengthens the window and prevents it from breaking.

If the window does break, the film holds in in place to keep debris out of your classroom or commercial space. This reduces accidents and injuries, which can occur after glass shatters.

  1. Decreases Vandalism

Security window film not only obscures what’s in your school or commercial space, it prevents the glass from breaking when it’s hit with a rock or another object. This makes it more challenging for vandals to break in. Since security film peels off for replacement, it also protects against graffiti. Simply peel off the affected film and replace to keep the building free of graffiti.

  1. Keeps out Thieves

Thieves interested in a smash and grab attack want to get in and out quickly. Security film shields the window so it will not break when hit. When your windows do not shatter easily, a thief may give up in search of easier prey.

Tinted security film masks what’s inside, which also prevents thieves from targeting your building. When they can’t see what’s inside, they’re less likely to want to break in.

  1. Prevents Sun Fade

UV rays penetrate through the window, causing the objects inside to fade. Over time, this leads to blotches and uneven fade marks on furniture, art, rugs, and more. While your school or business may use window treatments, these often aren’t kept closed. What’s more the window treatments aren’t set up to block UV rays the way security window film is. By investing in window film that’s coated with UV protection, you can keep your inventory, equipment, and other physical assets in peak condition.

Security window film is an economic way to protect your school or business from natural and manmade threats. Browse top styles of security window film today.