Top Three Reasons People Use Home Window Film

Window tinting can improve your home’s appearance and your quality of life. If you’ve never thought about using window tinting in a residential home, explore the top three reasons people add home window film.

Save Money

Tinted windows in the home reduce cooling costs in the summer. Solar heat is a main reason that rooms with sun exposure — and homes in general — become hot. If you have a lot of sun exposure, you then have to crank down the air conditioner to counteract the solar heat.

Since tinted window film reduces the amount of heat that is passing through the windows, you can use less air. You’ll soon recoup the cost of the window film and save money.

Protects Furniture

Just as sun streaming through your windows heat up your home, it also concentrates UV rays.

Ultraviolet radiation fades furniture, causing lasting damage over the long run. Materials affected include wood, fabric, and artwork. While you may be able to move some materials out of the direct path of sun, you cannot protect everything from UV rays unless you tint your windows.

Without tinting, a standard window lets in as much as 75 percent of the sun’s UV rays. Tinting cuts the amount of UV rays that pass through to safeguard your furniture.

Controls Light

Residential window tinting is a simple method to control light levels in the home. It offers an alternative to curtains or blinds, which can be a hassle to open and close every time you need to adjust light. Tinting cuts brightness with no active effort on your part.

There are several levels of tint, so you can choose the color that’s right for you, get the effect you desire, and enjoy all of these benefits.