Update Your Office Décor with Decorative Window Films

Many businesses look at the décor of their office as an expense to be avoided until absolutely necessary. This can be detrimental in a few powerful ways. The décor of your office has a mental and motivational effect on your employees.  An office that is warm, welcoming and up to date says that you care about your employees, your customers and your business.

Employees are more excited about coming to work, and more motivated to complete work in a welcoming and upscale work environment.  This includes natural light, good lighting, color palettes that stimulate or soothe (per your industry) and a work setup that enables efficiency and collaboration.

While the statistics show that improved office décor increases employee motivation, at the end of the day it’s still an expense. So how do you improve your office décor in a way that doesn’t break the budget?

Custom Decorative Window Films

Custom decorative films can be used throughout your office on most types of glass. There are a multitude of options that can update the aesthetic aspect of your business.

City Scenes, Company Logos, Simple and Custom Designs

Decorative window films come with a myriad of options. If your business is more conservative, a tasteful version of your company logo or a simple white frost design may be a great fit for your conference room or windows. A more trendy idea would be a city scene, stylized logo or customized design. Since our 3M decorative films are custom, we can create just about anything you want.

Create a Cisual Centerpiece

Most people look at decorative window film as something that can solely be used in the entry way or on the door of an office.  But there are more options beyond that. Pretty much anywhere there is glass, we can put custom decorative window film. Interior glass walls of conference rooms, dividers and more.

Freshens up the décor of your office at a Fraction of the Cost

While there is an investment to custom decorative film, it is a fraction of the cost of replacing carpet, hiring an interior designer or changing out all the furniture.  Custom decorative film can create a fresh new look to your office with minimal effort.

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