Why Use Sun Control Window Film

Too much sun is a nuisance, but it can also be harmful to your home or office. Learn how sun control window film can help prevent negative effects of sun exposure, and how this benefits you and your business.

What is Sun Control Film?

Sun control film is a type of window film. It is transparent and fits directly on your windows. Sun control window film allows sunlight to pass through, so you still enjoy natural lighting. However, the film blocks out the undesirable effects of sunlight.

When you use sun control window film in your home or office, you will save money and energy. Major benefits include:

Improved Temperature Control

As the sun streams through your windows, it heats up the home. Come summer, your air conditioner may struggle to do battle against the heat.

3M sun control window films block 60 percent of the solar heat that would pass through your windows as well as 97 percent of infrared light. Your home stays far cooler, and you can feel comfortable on warm days. You may even be able to reduce your AC usage, which saves you money and reduces your energy consumption.

Less Glare

Bright levels of sunlight can be annoying. As sun reflects off interior surfaces, it creates glare that makes it difficult to see clearly. Glare on electronic devices, such as laptops or televisions, is irritating. In an office setting, glare can bring productivity to a grinding halt.

Sun control window films reduce glare by up to 76 percent, which boosts concentration and lowers eye strain. With window film installed, you can enjoy your home or office without the need to close window blinds.

Save Energy

Since sun control window film blocks solar heat and UV rays, the physical space remains cooler than it would without window film. Because the interior doesn’t get as hot as it would, it requires less energy to cool the space.

Window films ensure a comfortable temperature year round, which can reduce your reliance on heating and cooling systems. Conserving energy may not affect physical comfort, but it certainly brings peace of mind. No one likes to be blindsided by a sky-high electric bill in a summer heat wave.

Sun control film saves money and increases comfort. You will soon be able to recoup what you spent on window film and accrue net savings. Shop window films now.