Window Film: Why It’s a Better Option Than Blinds

Though blinds are traditionally used in homes and offices to help minimize the effects of direct sunlight such as heat and glare as well as provide some privacy, they are not the only option for helping keep your home or office comfortable. In fact, blinds can sometimes obstruct a beautiful view. If you want to keep people from peering in but still be able to enjoy the benefits of looking out the window, window films can provide more discreet privacy without cutting you off from the world. Below, we’ll talk about some of the benefits that window films can provide over blinds for your office or commercial building.

Privacy and Light

Window films provide privacy while still allowing you to benefit from natural sunlight. This means that your meetings are private, but still well lit. Even if you choose frosted or decorated window film, you can still get natural light without the glare that can often make computer work difficult. Window film allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural light without the harsh side effects like extra heat.

Energy Efficiency

Window films are also more energy efficient than blinds. Both blinds and film can help reduce energy use by keeping out the sun’s heat. However, window films help control the temperature, making it more effective than shade alone. In fact, window film can block up to 77 percent of solar energy. This reduces the need to turn up the air conditioning when the sun starts to shine.

Custom Design

Yet another benefit that window film can offer over blinds is that it can be customized for your office décor. Though you may be limited in your choice of blinds based on what’s available at the store, with window films, you can choose from a variety of sleek and modern designs with the option to add your company logo, images, or other custom graphics.